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Cielo 17″ Display Range

Slim, durable and bright the new Cielo 17″ Display 4:3 profile display is the perfect addition to a PoS modular solution or for use as a customer facing screen where promotional possibilities are required. Its aesthetically pleasing design sees it suited to retail or hospitality.

The newest and brightest display in the Cielo range: this is a 17″ [4:3 profile] screen which is elegant and rugged enough to withstand the most challenging of environments. The Cielo 17″ Display utilities an uninterrupted touch interface featuring projected capacitive touch technology, ensuring exceptional responsiveness.

Cielo 17″ Display is fully compatible the Box Technologies’ Cielo range and with other EPoS systems.  Available in 4:3 multi touch and bezel free.

Cielo 17″ Display Key Features

  • Brilliant display: Cielo 17″ Display features a bright and high-resolution screen designed to display sharp and pristine content for the best experience possible
  • Uninterrupted touch interface: Utilising projected capacitive touch technology Cielo Display ensures exceptional responsiveness
  • Robust design: Cielo Display is housed within a rugged structure to withstand the extremes of retail and hospitality

For more information on the Cielo 17″ Display contact Melford Technologies today 

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