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Cielo 55″ Display Digital Signage Range

Sleek, durable and bright, the Cielo 55″ Display Digital Signage truly complements any environment

Designed for interactive digital signage and engagement applications, the attractive Cielo 55″ Display is a full HD, large format IPS monitor that is elegant and sleek. Yet, this is also a rugged and highly stable technology solution with a specification to suit any environment.

The VESA compliant unit delivers an optical 4 Touch Point touch interface, ensuring exceptional responsiveness and ultimate accuracy for busy environments – or equally as a stand alone display for consumer engagement and interaction.

Cielo Display Key Features

  • Brilliant display: Cielo 55″ Display features a bright and high-resolution IPS screen peaking at 1920 x 1080 pixels at an impressive 4000:1 contrast ratio
  • Optical Touch Interface: Cielo 55″ Display utilises an optical 4 touch-point interface ensuring exceptional responsiveness and multi-touch capability
  • Robust design: Cielo 55″ Display is housed in a rugged structure to withstand the extremes of public environments.

This exceptional screen is available in 16:9 multi touch or bezel free configurations.

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