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  • Consultancy Services

    Leading companies such as Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine and Network Rail have relied upon Melford Technologies consultants to help shape their strategy and then to implement the right solution across countries worldwide. Specialist insight to
  • Project Management

    Melford Technologies has accumulated extensive experience based on tens of thousands of units across the markets we serve. It is this experience that enables us to fully assess customer requirements and address their needs and challenges in a systemised
  • Design Services

    Melford Technologies has a market wide reputation for innovation based on experience from selling tens of thousands of units, as well as a deep understanding of consumers, staff and users of technology and their behaviors. Our mission is to
  • Solution Tailoring

    For many environments, Melford customers need help in the logistics and deployment of local, regional and national solutions for their own enterprise. For this they can call upon our extensive project management skills supported by our quality guarantee and
  • Manufacturing Services

    Melford has a strong, dedicated and flexible team within its manufacturing division. The ability to work rotational shifts as workload demands means a flexible capacity. Manufacturing is in close contact with all other departments ensuring that there is a

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