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Design Services

Melford Technologies has a market wide reputation for innovation based on experience from selling tens of thousands of units, as well as a deep understanding of consumers, staff and users of technology and their behaviors. Our mission is to drive productivity, increase customer satisfaction and enhance the experience of all users, through the innovative solutions we deliver.

Our design, development and manufacture of the acclaimed Melford rugged monitors range is a clear example of how we continue to innovate, increase functionality, drive down cost and bring exceptional technology to market.

Yet, still today we recognise that certain markets have very specific needs that may require alteration, adjustment or a complete re-design of products to ensure that they meet the exact specifications and criteria asked for. To that end we formed the Melford Innovation Team, comprised of deep technology experience with significant field knowledge and the means to call upon international design and build resources as needed.

The Innovation Team exists to deliver tailored solutions ranging from modifying display solutions to the complete design of bespoke monitors and systems of specific rugged monitor solutions or related solutions.

Our design, development and building services are all backed by our own quality guarantee and confidence in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation standards.  The team’s approach is to initially have informal exploratory discussions around exactly what our customer is seeking to achieve and the particular functionality, whilst sharing insight into other bespoke design projects that we have taken to market.

From here, together with the customer they move to a fuller specification and outline model in terms of feasibility, costings and likely economies of scale. As such this is a fully integrated design and modeling service enabling customers to create distinctive and often unique solutions to serve their own customers and deliver a truly enhancing experience.

We welcome the opportunity to talk through our innovation approach at any time, for a fuller exploration of how we can provide unique design to build solutions, contact Melford Technologies today.


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