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Project Management

Melford Technologies has accumulated extensive experience based on tens of thousands of units across the markets we serve. It is this experience that enables us to fully assess customer requirements and address their needs and challenges in a systemised way.

Management tools and processes including Prince2 enable us to have defined organisational structure across our project management teams, with an emphasis on dividing any project into manageable and controllable stages. We have established a reputation for our “right first time delivery” approach, which has seen us work on simultaneous solution roll-outs across hundreds of locations, as well as against demanding time-frames.

Projects are addressed by adopting the following approach:

1. Project Assessment and Profiling
Under this scoping and planning phase, our Project Lead Management meet with and map the roles, expectations, timeframes and logistics with all parties who are either directly engaged with the project, or affected by it. This important stage ensures open, documented communication and a clear roadmap for moving forward.

2. Site Reviews and Surveys
Whilst our Buckinghamshire based technology build, configuration and test capabilities ready solutions for deployment, it is crucial that we have a full understanding of the specific environments where final installation would take place. Site visits are therefore a central requirement in order to survey and consolidate all details on access, infrastructure, networks, positioning, mounting, fixing and related areas.

3. Strict Quality Standards Adherence
As appropriate, we implement according to important quality standards such as ISO 9001:2008 as tools that shape our delivery processes. In order to further ensure our standards are fully maintained, we undertake post installation surveys as the final validation of our quality.

4. Workflow Management Documentation
Whether at the pre or full installation stage, supporting documentation maintains a full audit trail of activity undertaken. This ensures that all those engaged in any project from commencement through to the final post project review, fully understands their own role, supported by a range of reports which are available both internally and for the client.

We welcome the opportunity to talk through our approach and processes at any time for a fuller exploration of how we can bring a project to full implementation and success. Please call to discuss your requirements on 01494 638069.

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