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Solution Tailoring

For many environments, Melford customers need help in the logistics and deployment of local, regional and national solutions for their own enterprise. For this they can call upon our extensive project management skills supported by our quality guarantee and ISO 9001:2008 accreditation with support services:

Innovation Team: For specific, tailored product design or installation needs, our Innovation Team are called into action to implement tailored technology, layout and environment change to bring a project to completion.
Hangaring and stock management: For any project delivery, we are able to warehouse product stock, to be called off as and when required during the roll-out schedule. Your technology solutions are insured, organised and totally secure, ready to be deployed, as and when you need them.
Configuration and integration: From our central build and configuration warehouses, we employ industry leading, lean production processes to pre-build, load and test software and/or hardware configurations as required, ready for delivery and installation.
Site installations: Utilising our own team of flexible and experienced engineers means total control over the final on-site installation, right up to the point of sign off. As a result, we are able to seamlessly interface your hardware installation requirements alongside acting on many other factors, which are critical to any site opening schedule.



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